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Quality control
Weisikang is one of the major manufacturers of fish oil on domestic fish food, health products field. According to customer requirements, we can provide different specifications, different levels of ethyl ester fish oil . We use tuna, anchovies, cod, anchovies and other fish oil as the main raw material. We have a strict supplier audit system, and the crude fish oil sample testing system, by that, we can effectively select qualified suppliers and order good quality crude oil. So that, we can meet the standards of the State Food and feed safety requirements.
Professional oil processing technology, safe and reliable third-party certification systems, including ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO22000, HACCP, GMP, FDA, to ensure the quality of each details on the production process of the product. Our products comply with GOED, WHO standards.
In order to control the content of heavy metals and organic pollutants in the raw material, we try our best to buy raw materials from clean sea area. It is a important index restriction that the heavy metal pollutants is stictly controlled in our plant. In the production process,  by building up HACCP system, and  using special processing technology to remove heavy metals, and ensure the content (heavy metals and organic pollutants of our products) within the limits of an international security. Dioxins and PCBs are considered  to carcinogenic compounds that is serious harm to human health, they must be removed to meet the level of safety limit. GOED and the European Pharmacopoeia have builded a limited content. In the production process, we ues a proprietary special process to remove for attaining the safety limit, and meet the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia and GOED.
        ● Purchase raw materials (raw materials from non-polluting see area)
        ● By ISO22000 (Food Safety Management System) certification,  the establishment of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification, throughout the supply chain, raw material suppliers → Manufacturers → vendors   
        ● Certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
        ● Certified by ISO9000 (Quality Management System).
        ● Certified by ISO14000 (Environmental Management System).
        ● certification by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).
        ● Powerful inspection equipment, GC / MS, contamination detection, and trusted third party quality control.
        ● Follow and meet regulations and requirements of European Union and other Americas.
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