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Purification fish oil EE EPA 40/DHA 20

Commodity serial number: 003

Effect: May reduce suffers from heart disease and diabetes' risk prevention heart attack and heart disease reduces hypertension, the minimum early morning is stiff is contracting rheumatic arthritis (RA), reduces the menstruation ache to enhance the attention to have the child hyperactive, to reduce the stroke the danger, reverses atherosclerosis to slow down the ossein outflow osteoporosis patient, slows down the kidney function to lose, improves a person's despondance, enhances the losing weight efficiency reduction endometrium cancer morbidity risk the woman reduces the risk to suffer from the age relevant ophthalmopathy to lower the high cholesterol, improves asthma's symptom

Parameter Standard Finally Test method
The outward appearance clear yellow's liquid has the fish fishy smell clear yellow liquid to have the fish fishy smell
EPA(mg/g) ≥100 106  
DHA(mg/g)  ≥400  408   Acid value (mgKOH/g)  ≤1.0  0.8  GB/T5530 Iodine content (g/100g)  268  GB/T5532 Peroxide value (meq/kg) ≤3.0  1.5  GB/T5538 Solvent value  ≤15  Cooking oil production technology and standard  Total oxidation number  ≤22 14.5  CRN<2006> Drying shrinkage (%)  ≤0.1  0.07  GB5009.3 Temperature test (0°C,3h)  Remains clear after Cooling at0°Cfor3 hours  GB/17756 Lead (mg/kg)  ≤0.1    Conforms to GB/T5009.12 ≤0.1   Conforms to GB/T5009.11 Mercury (mg/kg)  ≤0.1    Conforms to GB/T5009.17 Cadmium (mg/kg)  ≤1.0    Conforms to GB/T5009.15 Multi-chlorine biphenyl (mg/kg)  ≤0.09    Conforms to US EPA 1668A (HRGC/HRMS) Two wicked UK (pgWHO-PCDD/F-TEQ/g)  ≤2.0    Conforms to US EPA 1613 (HRGC/HRMS) ≤3   Conforms to US EPA 1668A (HRGC/HRMS) Microorganism's limit        Colony total (cfu/g) ≤1000    Enzyme bacterium and saccharomycetes (cfu/g) ≤25    Conforms to GB/T4789.15 Backwoods coli (MPN/100g)  ≤40   Conforms to GB/T4789.3 Salmonella bacillus  Do not pick out    Conforms to GB/T4789.4 Will He bacterium  Do not pick out    Conforms to GB/T4789.5 Golden yellow staphylococcus  Do not pick out    Hemolytic chain coccus  Do not pick out    Conforms to GB/T4789.11
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